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Information for Scholarship Recipients

The Noon Kiwanis Club of Redlands congratulates you on your achievements. 

PURPOSE:  Our purpose is to encourage students to strive for excellence.  Toward this end we are trying to recognize in a meaningful way selected graduating students from Redlands Unified School District who have demonstrated a combination of outstanding scholarship and participation in school and community activities.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS:  Starting in May 1982, we have been providing scholarships to high school students every year through the Kiwanis Foundation.  When we are selecting scholarship winners each year, we find more applicants are qualified than we can afford to recognize.  We are increasing the number or the size of the awards as fast as we can build our resources.

SCHOLARSHIP PROCEDURES:  The scholarship award of $5000.00 is divided into 4 annual payments.  To receive an annual payment, you must complete the paperwork that you receive from the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation plus submit qualifying paperwork (proof of registration at a college or university) each of the 4 years.  If there is a break in your education or if you complete your degree in less than four years, please contact the Kiwanis Foundation for an extension or to apply the 4th year payment to graduate school.  Please remember that you are responsible for submitting the proof of enrollment to claim your scholarship each of the four years. CLICK HERE FOR “Policies for Claiming Scholarships.

SCHOLARSHIP SPONSORS:  The entire Redlands Noon Kiwanis Club supports you.  However, a specific member is assigned to each of you to follow your progress.  It has been our intent that the sponsor will be available as an advisor as you advance through college.

REPORTS BACK TO KIWANIS:  Your letters and visits back to the Club are very important to us because we take a personal interest in you.  Seeing the progress you make is gratifying to our members.  Moreover, additional gifts by our members to the Foundation to fund future scholarships have been the result of impressions our scholars have made.  So you see, your communications are important both to us and to future students.

VISITS TO THE CLUB:  You are welcome to visit our Club meetings to give us an update on your progress.  All new scholarship recipients are invited to a special meeting and program in June after graduation and on at least an annual basis while you are attending college. Our scholars are always welcome to attend our Kiwanis Club luncheon meetings, held each Tuesday noon at the Masonic Temple Hall at 131 Cajon Street.  If you can, let your sponsor know ahead of time so that we will be looking for you.   

We wish every success in the years ahead.