Club of Redlands
P.O. Box 1102, Redlands, Ca. 92373
Serving the Children of the World






Past Presidents

1922 Bruce McDaniel  - Sylvan Plunge Project Approved. 
 - Charter Member
1923 Bruce McDaniel  - Lawn Bowling Club Started
 - Charter Member
1924  H. H. Garstin  - Charter Member
1925 A. Haven Smith  - Sponsored Kiwanis of Banning
1926 Howland C. {FUZZ} Merrill  - House of Neighborly Svc Expansion  
1927 L. W. Butterfield  - Kiwanis Room at RCH
1929 Dr. D. C. Mock  - Juney Schults initiates Pet & Bike Parade
1930 N. Leo LeLean  - RUSD Milk Money - Musical "Hello Redlands"
1931 William Cowans  - Last Year to meet at AMERICAN LEGION
1932 B. W. Shaper  - Begin meeting at La Posada
1933 Edward W. Raffety
1934 Ernest Larsen
1936 Martin J. Sweeney
1937  J. Warren Roach  - {FUZZ} MERRILL BECOMES LT GOV DIV-6
1938  Dick Malone  - A.B. Drake heads Golden Jubilee
1939 Herbert E. Marsh
1941 Harold Jeneson
1942 Charles J. Clock --Joint Service Club project Halloween Festival
1943 Clarence Perry
1944 Elgar Runkel
1945 Glen Adams
1946 Ray Canterbury  - heifers for famine relief in Europe
1947 Rev. Wm. D. Pratt  - 25th Anniversary Celebration at Commons U of R
1948 Edwin Hales  - Food distribution to Arizona Indians
1949 A.B.Drake  - Cerebral Palsey program at Crafton School - RNK Incorporation begun
1950 Lee Harris
1951 Leslie Richardson   - RHS Key Club started by Paul Gerrard and Joe Monro
1952 Paul Gerrard   - Begin meets at Contemporary Club
1953 Sidney Milbank  - "Roll out Kiwanis" - Camera donation to RHS Ag Dept
1954 S. Guy Jones
1955 H.H. Tuby Brannon  - Ginko-Bilobia Tree in Smiley Park for KI 40th Anniversary
1956 Arthur Jones  - RHS Graduation Dance Sponsor
1957 Martin Munz  - RHS Graduation Dance Sponsor  - ScotchLite Tape Safety Pgm
1958 Dick Hardy
1959 Edwary L. Jury  - Begin meets at Masonic Temple - Fuzz Merrill's 91st Birthday Celebration
1960 Frank Postle  - Bowl Weevils Service Club League at Empire Bowl
1961 C. Paul Ulmer  - Paul Ulmer Architect on New Redlands Police Dept building
1962 Jack Cummings
1963 Pete Arth  - Auction at SantaFe Depot for Crafton Pool - Diamond Jubilee Parade
1964 Rex Cranmer  - "Hell's a Poppin" Fundraiser
1965 Horace P. Hinckley  - Sylvan Park Plaque for Zanja
1966 Robert H. Sherrod
1967 L. Ernest Owen  - "Happy Dollar" Fine fundraiser
1968 James Butler
1969 Roger Holden  - PNEL Plan "Pay-Now-Eat-Later" started - air show at new Redlands Airport
1970 Edgar Berresford  - Operation Drug Alert at Redlands Police Dept - Jack Cummings becomes Mayor
1971 Bill Gibson
1972 Robert L. Romero  - 50th Anniversary Celebration at Redlands Country Club - Rock & Roll Lyceum
1973 Ken Kienow  - First year Kiwanis Special Olympics
1974 Dick Pike  - Rich Kennedy's Santa Claus Fundraiser started - Dunk Tank at Sylvan Park
1975 Charlie Dibble  - Spring Fling "adult only" trip to Renaissance Faire
1976 Don Crook  - Christmas Fruit Cake sales begun.
1977 Ken King  - PAL Police Athletic League started
1978 Dick Weisberg  - Shelter Care Home sponsored
1979 Jim Celano  - Rich Kennedy "Marionettes" Christmas Show
1980 Carl Anderson
1981 Larry Moore  - Scholarship Foundation created
1982 Bob Cooch  - Downtown Park named in honor of Kiwanian Ed Hales
1983 Dave Maupin  - 1st year for Rich Kennedy Joke Telling Contest - 1st year Run-Through-Redlands
1984 Bill Bryden  - Redlands builds Horace P. Hinkley Water Treatment Plant
1985 Frank Serrao  - Club registers for Blood Bank officially - Sylvan Wading Pool Project
1986 Phil Merchant  - Year of Foster's Fez worn by anyone later than Rick
1987 Rick Foster  - Women admitted to the club for first time - Placemat Advertising started
1988 David C. Gray  - Redlands Centennial Thanksgiving Dinner - Bill Umbach retires from Webster's NWD as etymological editor
1989 Urban Derkum  - "Ted Runner Stadium" at U of R named.
1990 Russ Huston  - All 3 Kiwanis clubs join "Know to say no" anti-drug campaign
1991 Will Langford  - Celebrate Luther Holden's 90th Birthday  - Jim Butler dies
1992 Al Jorgenson  - Tennessee fwy interchange named for Chres Knudsen - Casa De LaVista shade structure project
1993 Larry F. Statler  - RTR Mural on Leon Lapides' building Redlands Blvd - Begin Christmas Parade - Big Bear Quake Relief
1994 Chuck Copeland  - First Celebration of Childhood
1995 Joe Walloch  - Joint Christmas meeting at New Salvation Army Building
1996 Debbie Bates  - Frank Serrao Family Park at the YMCA
1997 Larry Munz  - 75th Anniversary at Casa Loma Room, U of R
1998 Bob Denham  - Hair cut fundraiser - Clock Auditorium Renovation project
1999 Cherry Bordelon  - Synonym Seating & Bon Mot de Jour - Skydive fundraiser 1st Nighttime Christmas Parade
2000 Mike Reynolds  - LA Marathon Fundraiser - Books for Kids honoring speaker. 1st Total-K Day at Texonia Park
2001 Tomi Foerster  - books donated to school libraries in speaker's name started.  RTR Quilt donated to Historical Society.  Walk streets of Redlands for IDD
2002 Rich Bawden  - Cemetery Cleanup and Irrigation project at Hillside.
2003 Bruce Wick  - Pediatric Trauma Fundraiser.  Begin Redlands Adult School Landscape project not complete until 2006.  Ed Hales Park Clean-up
2004 Bob Evans  - Seeds of Science started. Defilibrators donated to Police Department.
2005 Jerry Fields  - Plant Trees at Hillside. Paint Buildings and Clean-up at Community Field.
2006 Steve Wormser  - Judson/Brown book drive 12,000 books donated
2007 Tim Murone  - 85th Anniversary of the Club and 
2007 Chamber "Man of the Year"
2008 Dave Ahlers - Club Awarded "Partners in Educational Excellence" by Assoc. of Calif. School Administrators. 
2009 George Barich