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Kiwanis was officially incorporated by the state of Michigan on Jan 21, 1915.  It became an international entity with the organization of the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 1916.  Membership was limited to the United States and Canada until 1962, when worldwide expansion was approved. Since then, Kiwanis has spread to all inhabited continents of the globe.  Kiwanis was originally defined as “an organization for men” in the constitution which was adopted in 1924. In 1987, after several years of debate and growing support, women’s membership received overwhelming approval.
The name "Kiwanis" was coined from an expression in an American Indian language of the Detroit area, Nunc Kee-wanis, which means, "we trade" or "we have a good time." 
During late 1921 and early 1922 a group of Redlands, California men saw a vision for a new club in the City.  Initially, they were considering forming a "Progressive Club", but members of the Riverside Kiwanis Club persuaded them to become chartered by Kiwanis instead.  The first meeting was held on April 11, 1922 at the Casa Loma Hotel. 

Casa Loma Hotel - Redlands.  Located at Colton Ave. and Orange St., now the site of a Stater Brothers market.

The Founders of the The Kiwanis Club of Redlands included:  Rodney Cranmer,  E. D. Patterson, Frank Folkins, Mel Hooper, Halsey Allen, R. A. Covington, H.C. {Fuzz} Merrill, Herbert Hargraves and N. Leo LeLean.  

The Kiwanis Club of Redlands was the 18th club chartered in the California Nevada District of Kiwanis.  The event was celebrated at Charter Night, on Nov 15th 1922 at the Casa Loma Hotel, with about 200 in attendance.  Charter members included Fred H. Clock {Clock Auditorium at RHS named in his honor for 30 years of service on the School Board}, Gordon Donald {noted local builder} and Harold Harris {Harris' Company}, to mention only a few.  Other distinguished community members who had joined the club by 1925 included Ernie Larsen, Sidney Hockridge {Florist}, E. M Lyon {donor of Lyon Gallery - Smiley Library}, and Daniel Smiley {younger brother of Albert and Alfred Smiley}.  After membership was opened up to women in 1987, Jan Englebretson {past Editor - Daily Facts}, Tomi Foerster {Past President 1999}, and Debbie Bates {Past President 1996, became the first, second and third women to join.

The Kiwanis Club of Redlands was instrumental in the growth of Kiwanis International by sponsoring a number of area clubs, including: Banning {1925}, Yucaipa {1945}, the first Loma Linda club {1958}, Redlands Evening {1959}, Redlands Morning {1981}, Loma Linda Noon {1994}, Highland {1993} with co-sponsor Greater San Bernardino.