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Dealing with hip & knee pain
Paul Burton D.O., Orthopedic Surgeon, Redlands Community 
Hospital/Arrowhead Orthopedics

Published in The Redlands Daily Facts - 2/17/10
Re-printed with permission.

This is the fourth in a series of columns that will explore a number 
of running topics from multiple sources in the community. The columns will run every Wednesday from now until the 27th annual Run Through Redlands on Sunday, April. 18, 2010.

REDLANDS - Staying in the game can often times be a physical challenge for many who experience hip and knee pain.

With the Run through Redlands, one of the biggest running events in 
the Inland Empire area, coming up on Sunday, April 18, Redlands 
Community Hospital experts are reminding participants to warm up. "Hip and knee pain are common problems for many people who have active lifestyles," said Paul Burton D.O., orthopedic surgeon at Redlands Community Hospital. "Hip and knee pain is usually the result of  overuse, poor form during physical activity, not warming up or cooling down and inadequate stretching. Being overweight can also contribute to hip and knee pain".

"Preparing the body for hobbies and sports is important for anyone at any age, but it is especially important for seniors," recommends Dr. Burton. "You should always warm-up with slow, rhythmic activities such as walking."

According to Dr. Burton physical activity remains a critical component for helping improve the quality of life for patients.
The benefits of participating in active events such as Run Through 
Redlands include: 
Longer, healthier life

Stronger bones

Reduced joint and muscle pain

Improved mobility and balance

Lower percentage of falls and serious injuries, such as hip fractures

Slower loss of muscle mass

Sponsors of the Run Through Redlands, such as Redlands Community Hospital, make it possible to provide a quality running event while raising money for scholarships and other worthy local charities.

To register for the Run through Redlands, or for more information 
about the event, visit www.redlands-events.com  or call the Kiwanis Club's 24-hour InfoLine at 909-748-0637.