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This pace calculator is useful for runners who need to calculate for either Time, Distance, or Pace. The two inputs that need to be entered for a result will be highlighted. The Distance and Pace can be converted between various measurements.

Distance can be in Miles, Meters, or Kilometers. Pace can be time per Mile, 400 Meters, or Kilometer.
The constants used are 1000 meters in a kilometer and 1609 meters in a mile.

Interesting facts:

5K = 3.11 Miles   -   10k = 6.21 Miles
1/2M = 13 Miles 192yds  {21.1km}  -  Marathon = 26 Miles 385yds {42.2km}

Record Times:

Men: 5k = 12:39.7 -  10k = 26:27.8  -   20k=56:55.6  -  M = 2:06:50

Women: 5k = 14.36.4  -  10k = 29:317   -  M = 2:21:06
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