Back Pain
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Back Pain

Written By: Celina Shelton, P.T. Beaver Medical Group

Published in The Redlands Daily Facts - 2/10/10
Re-printed with permission.

This is the third in a series of columns that will explore a number of 
running topics from multiple sources in the community. The columns 
will run every Wednesday from now until the 27th annual Run Through  Redlands on Sunday, April 18, 2010.

REDLANDS - The Run Through Redlands is fast approaching. Unfortunately for some people back pain may slow down or halt training altogether.

Most of us at some point must come to the conclusion that our bodies are not what they used to be. However, this doesn't mean that we should avoid activities that we enjoy.

Beaver Medical Group's Physical Rehabilitation Department wants to provide you with some helpful information to keep you happy and healthy during your run.

Make sure athletic shoes provide good support for the entire foot. 
Shoes should not have uneven wear as this can cause poor mechanics of the lower extremities and cause undue stress to the spine.  Run on softer surfaces, such as indoor running tracks or on treadmills with shock absorption rather than concrete - this will minimize ground impact forces on the spine.

Avoid running on inclines as doing so places the spine in a forward 
flexed position, or backward extended position, which can cause uneven loading of the vertebrae and structures surrounding them.
Running workouts should include an initial five-minute warm up of 
walking or other low impact exercise, followed by stretching. Key 
muscles to stretch are hamstrings, quadriceps, hip muscles, and calf muscles.

Focus on form: Arms should be kept close to body to avoid twisting of the trunk.

For more information, check out these Web sites:  
Remember to maintain proper hydration and nutrition.
Beaver Medical Group is a proud sponsor of the Kiwanis Club's Run 
Through Redlands to be held Sunday, April 18. 2010
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