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Avoid Overheating during exercise


Redlands Community hospital EXPERTS


Written By:
Phong K. Nguyen M.D., medical director of emergency services, Redlands Community Hospital.

Published in The Redlands Daily Facts - 2/3/10
Re-printed with permission.

REDLANDS, Calif-- When area temperatures begin to rise, Redlands Community Hospital physicians urge Redlands residents to take extra precautions while exercising or working outdoors in the heat and to listen to their body’s signals.  These safety measures can help avoid potential life-treating heat illness or dehydration, especially for those training for Run –Through-Redlands. The event is one of the biggest running events in the Inland Empire area, with hundreds of participants getting ready for the run.

“Wear light colored, long sleeved cotton T-shirts,” suggests Phong K. Nguyen M.D., medical director of emergency services at Redlands Community Hospital. “Also have a bottle of water or a sports beverage with them at all times.  If you have a safe place, exercising after dark is an alternative, but be sure to be as careful in the evening as you are during the day.”

Even if you’re a well-conditioned athlete, overdoing your exercise regimen may lead to heat cramps, fatigue, and heat exhaustion or maybe even heatstroke.  To help you maintain your health and physique this summer, Dr. Nguyen offers simple safety tips for warmer weather:

·        Exercise early or late, try not to exercise outdoors in the middle of the day, when the sun is the highest and hottest.

·        Be sure to increase your water intake.  Excessive sweating causes your body to lose fluids that need to be replaced.  Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water.

·        Wear breathable (cotton), light-colored clothing to reflect the heat

·        Exercise on cooler surfaces like grass instead of asphalt

·        Gradually build up your exercise routine over a couple of weeks.  This will give your body time to acclimate to the warmer weather

·        Wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher

·        Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages

·        Don’t overdo it.  Pay attention to your body and any distress signals it may be sending.  

Sponsors of the Run-Through-Redlands, including Redlands Community Hospital, make it possible to provide a quality running event while raising money for scholarships and other worthy local charities.  The event is one of the biggest in the Inland Empire, providing a healthful and family oriented environment for participants of all ages.